Degree Requirements

30 Credit Hours

  • 15 Hours Required Courses
  • 15 Hours Electives 

All students are required to take five core courses to establish a common baseline of knowledge and must be completed within the first 15 credit hours of graduate coursework.


Required Courses: View Course Descriptions15 credit hours
Electives15 credit hours

Please work with your academic advisor for a list of approved electives availble to tailor to your individual needs. 

Grade Point Average

A grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.85 is required by the Graduate School, calculated only from University of Arkansas graduate courses in this curriculum. Grade forgiveness does not apply.

No credit will be received for courses with “D” or “F” grades, though they will be calculated into the GPA. A student has six years to complete all degree requirements.

Comprehensive Exam

Satisfactory completion of the comprehensive examination is required prior to graduation. The exam can be scheduled after the successful completion of eight graduate level courses, including all core and engineering sequence courses. The exam covers all completed graduate level courses and equivalent transfer courses. 

Residence Credit

No physical residency is required. The MSEM Degree is 100% online. Requirements include at least 24 credit hours are taken at the University of Arkansas, and up to six hours may be taken at other institutions.


Completion of the program, including transfer credits (if any), is required within six consecutive calendar years. A graduate application and graduation fee is required. All tuition and fees must be paid in full before a transcript or diploma will be issued.

Graduating students are encouraged to attend the College of Engineering Graduate Commencement, but are welcome to attend the All-University Commencement, or both, if they wish. Both last on average two hours.