Military Members

The Master of Science in Engineering Management program is based on the Operations Management Graduate Program and is proud of the relationships that have been forged with the military branches. There are currently three Graduate Resident Centers located on active duty bases. The majority of students who live near these bases are active duty military members. We also serve many military members and veterans from each branch of service, who are reservists or national guard members.

Military personnel may be eligible for Tuition Assistance or Veterans Affairs educational benefits. Contact for additional information.

GI Bill® Educational Benefits

All VA students must file an application when they first start school. Students who haven't received VA benefits before must file an original application (Veterans VA Form 22-1990; dependents VA Form 22-5490). Students who have received VA benefits before must file a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (Veterans VA Form 22-1995; dependents VA form 22-5495.)

If you would like to use your GI Bill® benefits to pay for your graduate program, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to, the Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill® website.
  2. Click on "Apply for Benefits"
  3. Complete the VONAPP (Veterans OnLine Application)
  4. Print out the application and send the form to:
  5. In the next 12 weeks, you will receive your letter of eligibility from the VA. Please forward this letter to Juanita Muckleroy.

Though the University’s Graduate School considers 9 credit hours per semester as full-time, per directive of the VA, the number of hours that qualify for full-time status is set by each particular graduate program. This differs from requirements for undergraduate studies that are set by the VA. Because of this requirement to certify the student each enrolled term, the MSOM program, with its 8- week sessions, determines six hours within a session as full-time, and three hours as half-time. Full-time or half-time status will be established each session that the student attends a course. This applies to both the Montgomery and the Post 9/11 GI Bill® programs. A VA Certifying Official of the MSOM department or the University will certify the student each session that the student is enrolled in classes.

You must register your courses through the following link each term and each time you add, drop or swap a course. To register your courses each session, please go to and follow these steps:

  • Click on Current Students (left hand side of the page)
  • Scroll down until you see "All Graduate Students" and follow the link to request certification of your courses
  • Fill out the form and submit it to complete your certification. Your submission goes to the Veterans Resource and Information Center and will be certified by Juanita Muckleroy, the VA Certifying Official. Her contact information is and (479) 575-8742.

Your certification request is part of your registration form so no additional steps are required.

The University assumes no further responsibility for a student’s transactions with the Veterans Administration and neither the University nor the Armed Services make any guarantee as to the availability of veteran’s benefits to a particular student. A student who registers and officially withdraws from all classes in a semester will receive refund of tuition, as provided in the University of Arkansas Registrar’s Administrative Calendar. (Note: When a student who has received Tuition Assistance from the military is entitled to a refund, the refund shall be paid by the University to the Armed Service and to the student in the same ratio that each paid.) Information for students claiming VA benefits: The VA payment made for other than a complete term may be less than the tuition collected by the University in accordance with the schedule of tuition refunds given above. It is the responsibility of the student to pay all fees whether VA benefits are received or not. Upon notification by a student of his/her withdrawal from a course, the certifying official will execute VA Form 22-1999b and forward it to the appropriate Veterans’ Affairs Office.

Military and Veterans’ Resources

  • Veterans Resource and Information Center

    Central point of contact for prospective or current University of Arkansas student veterans who need assistance with the admissions process, applying for military educational benefits and scholarships, and referrals to various academic departments around campus. VA Certifying Official for the Fayetteville campus is Juanita Muckleroy. She is located in the Arkansas Union, room 632. Her contact information is (479) 575-8742,

  • Academic Scholarship Office – Military Scholarships

How does one of our nation's military veterans learn to become a student again - and succeed? A student-veteran at the University of Arkansas shares his story and shows why the University of Arkansas is one of the nation's most Military Friendly institutions in this short video.