The exams for many classes are done online in Blackboard, using two‐way, real‐time monitoring, through a proctoring service, ProctorU. A webcam and microphone are required. ProctorU requires the student to make an appointment for each exam. Generally speaking, there is a 3‐5 day window in which the student can schedule the exam.

Many of the engineering classes are not conducive to an online exam format. Students may be required to obtain the services of a local proctor to monitor the exams for some of these classes. Examples of a proctor are a public librarian, someone from your human resources department, an education office, or a local testing center (university or other). Public libraries generally offer the service for free. It cannot be a friend, family member, direct supervisor, or anyone with an identifiable conflict of interest.

Please visit the Current Students page for more information on ProctorU.