Course Information and Program Requirements


Courses will be delivered via the Internet using Blackboard, an educational delivery platform. Since classes are delivered via the Internet, students are not required to be physically present on campus. All residency requirements will be met via the online classes. 

Courses are offered in accelerated eight‐week sessions, two sessions per fall and spring University semester, and one in the summer semester:

  • Fall 8 Week 1: August ‐ October
  • Fall 8 Week 2: October ‐ December
  • Spring 8 Week 1: January ‐ March
  • Spring 8 Week 2: March ‐ May
  • Summer 8 Week: May – July

A student may take up to two courses each session, or four per full university semester (fall or spring). Under this intense schedule a student may satisfy requirements for the degree in five sessions, or approximately one year. However, it is very demanding and is more feasible to take one class per session (which is two classes per fall or spring semester, one in the summer) and complete the program in two years; this schedule allows working students to be able to successfully complete the classes and still maintain a quality of life outside of work and school, meeting family and social obligations more easily. A student may take up to six years to complete requirements.  Currently, the tentative schedule and course descriptions may be found on the MSE website under “Program Course Information” in the links in the left‐side menu.

The University of Arkansas Treasurer’s Office sets the dates for tuition/fee refunds in accordance with University of Arkansas policy. Since the Operations Management program uses a system of two 8-week sessions (known to you as terms) within the full semester, the refund policy can be very confusing. A full semester includes both 8-week sessions in fall or spring, referred to as 8-week one & 8-week two.

If you are considering dropping a class in an 8-week session and/or withdrawing, we advise you to call the Treasurer’s Office at 479-575-5651 to determine any refund you may or may not receive. It is also important to note there is a difference between dropping a class and withdrawing, and the refund schedule is different for both; withdrawing refers to dropping ALL classes in a semester, not just an individual class or classes in an 8-week session.

The refund schedule is posted on the Office of the Registrar’s website. Be sure to look for the 8-week schedule notifications within the full semester schedule, since there are different dates (a full semester schedule is twice as long as an 8 week session schedule). Once again, we highly suggest you speak with the Treasurer’s Office to determine your refund. If you are considering dropping a class, please do so BEFORE the first day of any 8-week session to ensure a full refund.